Q.) What is the S.R.O.T.N.?

A.) The Shemihaza Rite of the Nephilim is a Dadaesque pre-Abrahamaic Matriarchal Pantheistic Judaeo-Buddhist war cult wrapped up in arcane meta-knowledje for the dominatoin and subjugation of all human flesh.

Q.) Can women be S.R.O.T.N. matriarchal pantheists?

A.) Yes.

Q.) Do you accept Atheists and Agnostics in your Grottos?

A.) What someone does or doet not believe in is none of our business. Don't attempt to use our Grottos for a pulpit. No one would ever be denied membership in our ancient order as long as they submit to the rules.

Q.) Do you serve alcohol at Grotto meetings?

A.) If you think we are exculsive prudes, try this one on for size: The Rite of the Beak includes the Order of the Nine.

Q.) Is your membership private?

A.) Absolutley. Anyone can join.

Q.) I am a member of the Rosicrustacenas. Do I have to demit to join S.R.O.T.N.?

A.) We think that any organization that bosses your around shouldn't be belonging to in the first place. What you do is your business. We are gods not dictators. That being said, we will surely give you the boot if you join S.R.O.T.N. without a doubt.

Q.) I am interested, can I visit?

A.) Maybe.

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