About Us

"Elephants Never Forget."

S.R.O.T.N. seeks to awaken the power of our giantish blood by performing Enochian Ape Rites.

S.R.O.T.N. has reformulated the ancient Moloch legend as worked by the original Supreme Pontificators St. Germain, Cagliostro and Al Crowley to heighten the influence of our Chief Deitrix, Asherah.

In order to further awaken our mysterious arcane telepathic powers, our ever-expanding internet base, with Grottos in Mexico, Uganda, the United Snakes, Yap, and the U.K. has agreed to meet astrally at precise coordinated times at our massive Astral Temple. It is where the the real work is done and where the real Invisible Expanded Masters hang out.

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